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April TarotScopes

ARIES (3/20-4/19)

Recent times could have had you feeling like you had too many things on your plate to juggle it all. You know you gotta give it your all at work or school, friends and family have their expectations, and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally doesn’t always look the same. April might have you juggling what seems like a lot, but only to help you see what’s most important. Know that it’s okay not to be perfect all the time, you’re a human, we all are, and sometimes things get forgotten or they just don’t get done. What is always most important is that you prioritize your own happiness and wellbeing. Make sure you’re taking care of #1 this month, the rest will fall into place eventually.

LOVE: Anything is possible for you this month, Aries, you just have to believe it! The universe never presents us with opportunities to leap, if it isn’t going to catch you. Now isn’t the time to worry about the future. We know all know that it can sometimes be scary to jump into something new, especially if your uncertain of the outcome, but we can never be certain about anything in life! Love is always a gamble, but it’s worth it every time. If you’re feeling scared about making the leap forward in any relationship, be kind to yourself. You’ll be ready when you’re ready. But now is as good as ever!

CAREER: This month might find you giving and giving and giving more at work. You might be super into whatever you’re doing and you don’t mind the late nights or you could be purchasing a one way ticket directly to burnout town. This month you have to be careful not to push too hard at your own expense. Here’s the deal, you’re not going to be happy if you work yourself to the point of exhaustion. Give yourself brakes, make sure you’re taking care of your body. Get three solid meals a day, drink plenty of water and make time for some sort of physical activity. Your body carries your mind, soul, emotion and energy all day, it deserves love too!  


FOCUS: Your focus this month, Aries, is to take care of you. You’ve been working your ass off, giving everything all the love & energy that you can and you’ve quite possibly taken an emotional and physical beating for it. Take April to do what you want when you need to. This type of tired isn’t a sign to give up, it’s a sign to take care of yourself because you still have more work to do!  Be careful that you’re listening to your body and emotions when you’re going through these big sprints of work & change & life. Don’t sacrifice your own well being for the sake of what feels like progress. You’re important and deserve all the love, be sure you’re reminding yourself of that daily, babe!

TAURUS (4/20-5/20)

Anything is possible for you this month, Taurus, you just have to believe it! The universe never presents us with opportunities to leap, if it isn’t going to catch you. Now isn’t the time to worry about the future. You’re connecting with your emotions and what you truly desire and now is the time to make your moves, babes! We know all know that it can sometimes be scary to jump into something new, especially if your uncertain of the outcome, but we can never be certain! Almost every decision we make in life is a gamble, but you can’t win from the sidelines. If you’re feeling scared about making the leap forward in anything, be kind to yourself. You’ll be ready when you’re ready. But now is as good as ever! And I’ll be cheering from the sidelines!

LOVE: April is all about getting deep with your emotions and relationships. This month could find you begging to get deeper in your relationship with people you care about. You’re done with the surface level conversation, you want to know what makes people tick, you want to know if vibes with you and your feelings. If you want to get deeper in your relationships this month, try removing distractions. Get somewhere where you can really focus on the other person and their thoughts and feelings. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to make solid connections when you’re truly focused on the other party.

CAREER: You’re a little trailblazer at work this month! You’re moving through problems and solutions and making your own way. You’ve started to care less about the things that don’t matter (like other people’s petty judgements) and more about doing the work and doing it well. You’re withstanding pressure and making freaking diamonds out of it, but it’s almost like you don’t believe in how great you are. You have the ability to make magic happen, you just need to decide on a direction and let people help you. You’ve got this babe, keep rockin’!  

FOCUS: This month you’re being asked to take a long hard look at how you’re looking at other people. If you’re annoyed AF by one of your friends or coworkers this month, really ask yourself why. Is it rooted in something that you’re insecure about? Are you upset with yourself and you’re annoyed by any little actions of your friends? Everyone in our life is a lesson and those closest to us are our mirrors. Make sure you’re present and you give yourself the decency to question where your frustration is coming from. This is an opportunity for growth, babes, take it!

GEMINI (5/21-6/20)

April could be an intense and transformative month for you baby. You might find yourself at a really intense intersection of knowing that you need to love yourself and having absolutely know idea or clue on where to start or how to go about it. It’s okay babe. Loving ourselves isn’t always easy and sometimes we neglect it for so long that when we realize what we’ve done, we can’t quite figure out how to undo it. The best advice I could give is to compliment yourself and others as often as possible. Showing love and appreciation to anything that you like, brings joy to you and the person receiving the complement. Make it a habit, babe, and loving yourself will start to get easier and easier.  

LOVE: The past couple days, weeks, or months could have had you feeling like your options in love were slim or that your current situation was headed in a negative direction and there was no way out. Luckily, you’re realizing that that isn’t the case. You always have options and you’re never “trapped” in any situation. You have the ability to create the future that you want as long as you don’t talk yourself out of it. Sometimes our thoughts can feel really real. They aren’t always. This month you have the opportunity to check your thoughts and make sure you’re only speaking positively to yourself, you only deserve the best babe.

CAREER: This month might feel messy at work. Your feels might be at an all time high and you could be running around with a very short temper. Not really the best vibe you want at work. Keep it in check babe. When you’re moving through difficult situations and energy is flying in every which direction, its best to just take some time to chill before speaking your mind. We can’t control what other people say or do, but we can control how we react. Move through this, process it. Speak your mind when you’ve cooled off a bit, babe, you won’t regret speaking from a place of emotional control and maturity.

FOCUS:  In quite a few aspects of your life it feels like you’re “almost there.” Well it’s because you’re almost there. You can’t give up. If you’re getting frustrated in any area of your life, know that it isn’t a sign to quit, it's a sign to give yourself a break and recharge. If you’ve been giving it your all, it shouldn’t be a question why you feel run down. Make sure you’re doing what it takes to charge your batteries so there's enough in you to achieve all you've set out for yourself.

CANCER (6/21-7/22)

It’s time for you to face your fears, babe. April is a time for you to move forward through something that scares you. Chances are, you’re going to want to put up all of your defenses, because it might feel like you’re walking into a battle, possibly a bloodbath. The message here is to not. You don’t need to be defensive, you don’t need to carry ammo to this situation. You already have everything you need inside of you to make it through this and the more honest you are with yourself and the other people involved about your true feelings the better off you’ll be. Whatever it is you’re facing, you’re strong enough to get through to the other side, believe in yourself, take care of your body & mind, and rely on those you love and trust to help you move through this not-so-easy month.

LOVE: Last month, Cancer, you received the message to focus on your needs to accomplish your goals and move forward in a positive direction. Guess what! April has the exact. same. message. You’ve been wishing, hoping, praying that things would just get easier. And they will. When you finally decide to put yourself first. It’s almost like you’re in tug-of-war with the universe. You want love and you’re not going to get it until you give it to yourself. Make sure that you’re focusing on YOU and loving YOU. It will not be long before those around you take note of the respect and care you show yourself and they’ll follow suit. Be good to you, babes, you deserve it.

CAREER: Whether you have a physically exhausting job or not, the body is calling, babe, and it’s time you paid attention. Chances are you’ve ignored your physical health recently to make sure you’re “saving” your energy to get things done at work. In your attempts to have enough brain power, you’ve probably neglected taking care of the body responsible for that brain. Pay attention to your body and listen to the signs that it’s giving you. If you don’t know where to start, make sure that you’re carving out time for 3 solid meals and plenty of water. Get outside and take a walk. Reconnect with nature and get some fresh air. You only have one body, take good care of it!

FOCUS: The focus for you this month, sweet Cancer, is take a look at where we can allow others to help and guide us. The world is filled with people who want to help. They want to give their knowledge, expertise, experience and a helping hand to someone who can benefit from it. If we close ourselves off to others by not sharing our problems and issues with those we trust, we lose the opportunity for them to help us. We’re not meant to go through life alone without any help. Don’t cut yourself off from all of the resources that are provided to you through other people. It can be scary to ask for help, but often you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do!

LEO (7/23-8/22)

Things are looking up, Leo! Likely you’ve been feeling like you’ve been trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, but that’s about to turn around. Whatever it was that has been making you feel cornered into your current situation is going to start to ease. Options are coming to light for you in April. You’re going to see that possibly you were never really trapped. We always have options, they might be really hard or really undesirable at the current moment in time, but we ALWAYS have options to make a change for the better. Stay present this month and you’ll see all of the opportunities just waiting for you to take them!


LOVE: Over the past few days, weeks, or months you made a major decision to make a change in your life. It was likely intense and hard and really emotional, but you new you needed to make the change for you. In April, it’s going to start to make sense. You’re going to receive some healing, some closure. Whatever you’re going through, the grey skies are going to start to part in April & you’ll start to see what you knew was there all along: a brighter future. Don’t regret any choices you made in the past, because it brought you here. You’re alive, you’re intelligent, you’re loved, and you can make anything happen.


CAREER: This month you’re asked to see the silver lining in every situation at work, because there always is one. The key to success in finding the good is staying present. Sometimes when we’re living in the future worried about what will happen to us, we miss the beauty that is unfolding for us. In April, you’re being reminded that every situation is a gift, happening FOR you, not TO you. It’s your responsibility to stay present in the moment to notice & receive the gifts.


FOCUS: Your focus this month, dear Leo, is to use, trust, and hone your psychic gifts! Everyone has a 6th sense and we all access it differently. This month, your psychic intuition is heightened and it is prime time for you to tap into it. Is it a voice in your head? A feeling in your gut? Do you “see” things before they happen? Can you walk in a room and tell if the vibe is off? Whatever it is for you, trust it this month! The more we trust the information we receive, the more we open up to it!

VIRGO (8/23-9/22)

April could have you feeling a little tense about something you’re afraid of. You might be feeling like you’re facing a situation you can’t win. Maybe there’s a concern that you don’t have what you need or you’re not ready for something big and it’s causing anxiety. Whatever it is you’re going to be okay. You have everything you need. You are ready to make it through everything and anything that you’re up against. Fear is natural, but we can’t let it paralyze us. We have to move forward. The key here is to not be defensive, you must face this situation with vulnerability and love. Love for yourself and everyone involved.

LOVE: Acts of physical love aren’t always something that we have to desire. Sometimes we’re just not having it and that’s okay. We don’t always have to be super into receiving love from someone else and chances are this month you’d just rather do without. You’re putting your boundaries up, maybe you’re just not super into someone touching your body or you’ve been hurt and you’re just not ready to let someone in again. Whatever it is, it's okay. It’s not going to last forever, just listen to your body and give it what it wants.  

CAREER: Things are looking better for you at work this month, dear Virgo! If you’ve been struggling with a certain situation, possibly feeling like there was either no end in sight or no options but bad ones, that’s likely going to come to a resolution this month. You always have options babe, especially if you change your perspective. Sometimes it takes looking at a situation completely differently to see the silver lining or your ticket out. It helps to talk to someone that isn’t involved in the situation to get an outside perspective. Find someone you trust, and you know will be honest with you, and talk it out.


FOCUS: This month, your focus should be you and your physical health. Likely you’ve either been ignoring your body or you’ve know that you’ve needed to make some changes for a while. Either way, now is the time to pay attention and start treating your temple right. Make sure that you’re getting three healthy meals a day, plenty of water and exercise. We only get one body in this lifetime and it’s imperative that we treat it right. Carve out time this month to build an exercise ritual into your schedule. Even if it’s 10 minutes of walking and 10 minutes of stretching. Mother Nature can be quite motivating and inspirational, start by talking a walk today.

LIBRA (9/23-10/22)

Libra, why are you always trying to decide on something? March could have left you feeling like you needed to make a choice or a decision. You might have even felt like you were being backed into a corner and forced to pick or move forward with something that didn’t seem quite right. You might have wound yourself up so tight in the decision that you’ve come to a screeching halt, not moving forward in any direction. The key here is to figure out what you really want. Make sure you’re not feeling forced into someone else’s box they’ve created for you. Or one you’ve created for yourself. It’s hard to feel solid in your decisions if you’re unsure of what’s going to make you happy. Start there. Figure that out. The rest will fall into place.


LOVE: Something has you feeling a little impatient when it comes to love this month, sweet Libra. You’re wanting something to progress and you want it to happen on your timeline. Sorry sweetheart, not happening. Whatever you’re dealing with is happening in divine timing, meaning that we have a lot to learn about the pace that the current situation is progressing. Pay attention to why you wish things were moving faster. What is it that you’re trying to rush past? There’s a lot we can learn from our own impatience if we dig beneath the surface. Give yourself the full interrogation this month, you’ll learn from it.


CAREER: This month it's on you to bring the honesty at work. You have something to say and the world needs to hear it. Whatever the message is, it’s important that you share it. It isn’t so much about how you say it, once you find the opportunity to speak your truth, the right words will find their way out. You have thoughts, opinions, and ideas that no one else has. Your team, projects, and company will benefit from you sharing what’s going on inside your head. This month is the time to shine with what you have to say, step into your power!


FOCUS: This month it’s all about paying attention to what you think you need this month, Libra. You might be feeling a little out of sorts with wanting the timing of certain things to speed up and feeling the pressure to make decisions according to someone else’s timeline. Whatever it is, be careful not to try and overload yourself with a bunch of “things” you don’t need, just because you’re unsure of what your future holds. This means no “just because” shopping sprees you’ll regret later, no filling your calendar with events you don’t want to go to because you rather not be alone, no hoarding of any kind. Pay attention to your habits and make sure you’re making healthy choices.  

SCORPIO (10/23-11/21)

April could have you feeling like you’re either wishing you had a creative spark to give you the inspiration you need to move forward or that you have an incredible idea or passion but you’re just not sure how or when to share it. Either way, be gentle with yourself. What needs to happen will happen with time. If you’re not feeling 100% certain about “coming out of the closet” with a new passion or idea, don’t force it. You have time. Wait until you feel completely ready or you receive the inspiration that you’re looking for. But once you get your sign, kick in gear and rock it, because whatever you’re doing is pure magic!

LOVE: Chances are you might feel something good on the horizons when it comes to love, but it’s almost like you don’t know who to share it with. You’re excited but you don’t know where to turn to share in your joy. Maybe it’s time that you take a look at your support system and figure out the missing piece. Why don’t you feel supported? What’s going on that’s causing a disconnect. Is there something that you can do to move your relationships in a positive directions? Ask yourself the tough questions this month when it comes to your relationship, you’ll be grateful that you smoothed things out.

CAREER: Have you been living in the future at work? Constantly thinking about tomorrow, next week, next month, next half, next year. Time to bring that to a full stop. You can’t get there if you’re not meeting your goals in the present. And you’re not going to have the energy to get there if you’re not chasing the right goals in the first place. It’s time for you to really pay attention to what lights your fire at work and what extinguishes it. Let that be your guiding light to determine how to spend your time in the present.

FOCUS: This month, you’re being asked to focus less on defending yourself and realizing there’s no reason for a defense in the first place. There really is no reason to compete with anyone, but only yourself. You’ll always get what you earn, it just might not be in a way that make sense to you in the current moment, but karma is real and you know that. It might feel like someone got something that was meant to be yours right now, but know that whatever is coming for you is probably better than you could possibly imagine in this moment.

SAGITTARIUS (11/22-12/21)

You are a Queen (or a King) and you deserve all the gifts that the Universe has to offer. But you can’t receive all the gifts and incredible opportunities if you don’t feel deserving. April is the time that you finally wrap your head around the fact that you’re deserving of your dreams and of utter and complete happiness. Sometimes we let great opportunities pass us by because we feel like we don’t deserve them. Time to change your thinking! We ALL deserve to put ourselves first, including you. Change your opinion on your own happiness and change your life. You have so much to receive from the Universe, if you’d just open your door and let it in!


LOVE: Something that you used to be afraid of and insecure about when it comes to love isn’t so much an issue for you anymore. Whatever it was that was keeping you up at night worried, shouldn’t really be a concern. You’ve realized that there is absolutely no benefit to worry about something you have no control over, including the actions of someone else. We can’t control the actions of other people, only our own. You’re wiser on the other side of your fears, realizing that there really is nothing to be scared of, just a whole lot to learn.

CAREER: Have you been feeling a little unfulfilled at work or in your current employment/education situation? Things might look really good from the outside. Other people might even be jealous and want what you have. But chances are that you might be feeling like things are a little off because this might not be your dream. Possibly someone else’s? Or maybe you’re chasing goals that someone said would make you happy once you achieved them? Whatever you’re rocking through, get present and correct with what makes you happy. Make sure that you’re aligned with what you know is right, not what someone tells you is. You’ll sleep a lot better at night.


FOCUS: Are you feeling pressured to make a decision that doesn’t feel quite right? If you are, your focus this month is to explore why. Why do you feel like you have to move forward in a direction that doesn’t feel right. Are you really looking at all the options? You’re being begged to re-evaluate what you think you want and what you’re actions indicate. Is what you’re saying you want and what you do aligned? If it isn’t, start making small changes to either figure out what you really want, or start working towards it in a smarter way. Whatever it is, don’t make a bad decision when you don’t have to, take some time and think about it.

CAPRICORN (12/22-1/20)

April is the month to do the thing that you’ve been wondering if you should do! Whether the opportunity is here or it’s yet to appear, it is definitely meant for you and it is 100% a life-changing opportunity, big or small. You might not know what happens when you jump, but the Universe never asks you to leap if it isn’t going to catch you. Whatever it is that is knocking at your door, the universe is begging you to answer it! It might seem a little scary or like you’re jumping into the unknown, but the only things in life are death and taxes so you might as well do it! Jump in with both feet, Capricorn! I’ll be cheering you on!

LOVE: It’s about darn time that you embraced your own lovability, because you’re pretty freaking lovable. But if that isn’t the issue this month, maybe it’s time to elevate your relationship with love. Maybe it's communicating your needs in a more direct manner, or sharing your vulnerabilities with your partner. It's time to assess your current relationship and see where you could go deeper. If you’re not currently with someone, chances are your view on love is changing and you’re being prepared for a pretty loving relationship in the future.

CAREER: You might have been paddling upstream at work over the past few days, weeks, or months, but that’s probably starting to change. Where you’ve been working harder, you’re starting to work smarter. You’re finding ways to make things easier. Likely, it’s because you’ve asked for help and support. It isn't always easy to let people know that we might need a hand, but people love to help and likely your team at work is no different. Whatever the case, the sun is shining brighter on you this April!

FOCUS: This month you have the opportunity to see where your brain is inviting you into old negative patterns and bad habits and you’re receiving the opportunity change how you operate moving forward. We become addicted to the idea that there is something wrong with us and the only way to fix it is through drugs, shopping, sex, food, attention, work, negative self-talk and the list continues. This month you have the chance to stop this for a final time. You have the ability to say “no” to the negativity and create better habits and lifestyle choices in the future. Temptation is never easy, but learning to overcome it’s dark side will make you all the better.

AQUARIUS (1/21-2/18)

Sometimes it's uncomfortable to outgrow things. People, jobs, relationships, jeans, they’ll all can be outgrown and it can all feel crappy sometimes. Growth is rarely easy and comfortable, but we can learn so much in the process. Maybe it’s time for you to push yourself harder or change directions completely. Whatever it is, it likely involves you leaving what you’re used to know, because it’s no longer your comfort zone. It’s time for you to find something that makes you feel like you “fit” again. Know that you are unique and no one came here to do what you can do, so you’ll never find another you, but with a little searching you’ll find that “fit” again soon.

LOVE: You’re being handed some real important seeds when it comes to love, this month. Whatever your situation, this month you have the opportunity to plant your seed, tend to it with great care, and grow it into an incredible and fruitful tree. It might be taking a step further in your relationship or meeting someone and feeling a really special spark, whatever it is, pay attention and live in the moment. You can’t reverse time and you can’t relive these moments. Make sure you’re logging them in the memory for a later day. You’ll be looking back at them one day.

CAREER: You have the opportunity to take a leap at work! The future seems uncertain, but you know that taking the jump is the right thing for you. Take the leap and jump in with both feet! Whatever it is that is presenting itself to you and knocking at your door, the Universe is begging you to answer it! It might seem a little scary or like you’re jumping into the unknown, but you wouldn't be asked to leap if the Universe wasn’t going to catch you! Seize the opportunities that are coming your way this month, Aquarius. This could be the leap of a lifetime!

FOCUS: Sometimes things end in our life and it sucks. And we want to throw a fit about it because it may have been easier before it was over. We might have been used to the way things were and now they’re different and we’re unhappy. That’s okay. Throw a little pity party for yourself about it and start heal. Whatever it is that ended, you’re going to come out the other side a stronger, wiser, better human, you just have to get to the other side. Keep that in mind this month, as you begin to process and move on.

PISCES (2/19-3/19)

Through heartbreak and grief we can truly experience how incredible pure joy and happiness is, because we have something to compare it to. In April, honor any and all heartbreak that you’ve experienced by past lovers, friends, deaths, experiences or plain $#itty luck, by moving through & past it. Heartbreak is leaving in April and a renewed energy is coursing through you. You’re seeing that the heart is entirely healable. You’re not the same person as you were before your heart was broken, but you’ve grown, evolved, and flowered into a wiser person. Trust yourself, know that all hurt is only a lesson to make you stronger, not a reason to doubt your own intuition.

LOVE: The past few days, weeks, or months may have had you feeling like you needed to keep your boundaries up when it came to love, especially physically. It could have been an issue of trust or just not being ready for someone to physically touch your body, whatever it is, it might be time to let those boundaries down. We can’t keep everyone out forever, especially those that love and care about us most. Slowly start to open up and let those you care about know about what’s been going on and how you’ve been feeling. Chances are you’re going to feel more physically comfortable after you emotionally open up.

CAREER: You could’ve been feeling a little emotional grief over a decision that you recently made. Maybe it's an opportunity that you wish you would've taken. Or a project that you wish you never volunteered to be a part of, whatever it is, the grief should be fading soon. You’re starting to realize why you’ve put yourself in your current situation. It’s starting to make sense and maybe you’re even starting to become happy about something that previously made you really sad. It’s crazy what a little perspective and healing can do, honor the transformation this month.

FOCUS: In April, you’re being asked to completely change the way you’re operating in some aspect of your life. If you haven’t already recently changed how you think about certain situation or made a resolution to do things more positively in the future, maybe it's time you did. If you find yourself in really crappy situations over and over again, maybe there’s something you can learn from digging in and examining the choices that you made to get you there. Figure out what you can do differently in the future and set out to do it! You’re too smart to make the same mistakes twice.

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